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Handpicked guides to create a captivating dissertation presentation

Are you searching for the best dissertation presentation format? This article will provide you with ideas that will help you to shine in the oral exam. Now that you have finished focusing on writing the paper and ensuring that it is in good shape prior to submitting it, it is time to go to the next step. While this may look challenging especially if you have never presented anything in a conference, we will help you to take away the fear.

  • The oral presentation
    This can be well termed as the verbal counterpart to the written work. Also known as the viva, it is an oral examination for achieving a certain academic examination. This is used to demonstrate the skills to the written presentation of the research. You will use this opportunity to demonstrate that you are able to participate in the academic discussion with other research colleagues. Having a dissertation presentation example can be helpful.
  • Backing your details
    The examiner will likely comment on the work’s wider implication and therefore you need to take the time to think broadly on the research. Consider the link between the examiner and your work, the overarching principles that you have worked with and why, what you would do differently if you were to repeat the work and anything that may have happened in the field since the last research.
  • Returning to details
    You should have a goal of understanding the work well before presenting it in a confident way. Bear in mind that if you have already reached this far, it is easy to succeed in the remaining part. Start by re-reading the paper while making summary notes on the key points. Make a print out of content pages and ensure that you have written some brief summaries of content under every heading. Identify:
    • The weakness areas. Make notes on these.
    • Originality elements in the work
    • Your contribution to knowledge
    • Theoretical, practical and research implications of the findings.
  • Remember that you don’t have to memorize the work. It is allowed to take to the viva and even refer to it. However, it will not create a good impression if you keep flipping from one page to another looking for the details.
  • Mini viva
    Practice how you will answer the questions. You can engage in some forms of mini viva with your classmates. Make sure that you include the difficult questions and practice how you should be answering them.
  • Last few days
    You will need to determine how you plan to get into the viva in good time, your choice of clothing, what you plan to take with you to the room and how you plan to engage in some calming activities to get rid of the nervousness. You can look here for more ideas.